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Our Mission


To help companies manage their human resource focused business processes more effectively. 

HRplus Software Limited’s business is the development, sales and support of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems in the area of Human Resources, Payroll, Time and Attendance, and Pension Administration systems.


At HRplus Software, our team is continuously doing research and development to meet the ever changing needs of the market. We were among the first to enter the web-based application arena and continue to strive ahead of our competitors by ensuring that new functionality and trends are integrated into our application.

HRplus has over 200 large and medium sized customers, and serves over 150,000 employees each month


We have been in the business of payroll, human resources and time and attendance for over 25 years and today, millions of employee transactions are managed each year using our 20 plus applications in over 20 countries!  HRplus currently has offices in 3 countries and 52 employees operating out of 4 countries.


HRplus customers include large multi-national Fortune 500 companies in banking, services and manufacturing, Brand Name Hotels, Exclusive Hotels, many Government and State Enterprises including Central Banks and Utilities, Large Manufacturers, International Energy Companies, Large Brand Name Retail Stores in Fast Food, Conglomerates, as well as medium and small businesses in every sector.


SAP is a world-leading provider of ERP, Databases and Cloud-based software solutions. As a SAP OEM partner for SQL Anywhere Database, we ensure that your data runs on one of the world's most respected database platforms.

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