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Health & Safety

With the ever evolving trend toward workplace safety and increasing regulation on ensuring that companies follow such procedure, the Health and Safety Module is a must. Policies, procedures and prevention can be collated in a central place for your HSSE department to manage more effectively.

Safety Wear

Data Drives Better
Decision Making

The module can record Industrial Injury information such as Incident Details, Date and Time of Injury, Date Reported, Witnesses to Accident, Accident Summary, Workmens' Compensation Received, Action taken. Get a better understanding of potential hazards and risks associated with jobs, locations or work space by trending and analysis of the data captured in HRplus.

Data Drives Better Decision Making- HSE Incident Look Up.PNG

Link Safety to Jobs

Via this module you can link hazards and equipment to job type.  The module allows entry details of a safety incident including the job function that was being performed, cause of incident, what action was taken, and if there was any violation of safety codes.

Link Safety to Jobs- HSE Setup.PNG
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