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HRplus Everywhere supports many types of appraisals. Appraisals can be done to confirm temporary staff, and to address singular or multiple appraisal periods during the course of the year.  Employees are appraised, based on competencies, goals, or primary job responsibilities. Employee can also do self-appraisals as part of this process.


The HR events system manages the rollout of all appraisal forms and automatically generates a form for each of manager's or supervisor's direct reports based on the criteria chosen. It also tracks forms to completion and sends reminders and warnings for all forms at risk of not being completed on time.

Do It Your Way

HRplus allows you to configure performance appraisals to your own business needs and requirements. All elements of the appraisal are flexible and the user defines the criteria for ratings, scale and weights. The fully automated process allows for all parties involved to comment electronically. This module is directly integrated with the Smart Goals and Training and Development modules.

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