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Our Self-Service suite brings a level of efficiency to your HR operations that is required for today's business environment. With user defined workflows, our self service decentralises many HR processes by giving both employees and managers access to transactional data such as vacation leave, benefits, asset management and so much more. Approvals can be done for leave and time cards, as well as enrollment in training and benefits, performal appraisals, staff requisitions and smart goals.

More Access,
Less Administration

HRplus Everywhere allows employees access to their data at anytime from any device. Giving employees access to their data also decentralises the HR process and gives back productive time to the administrators.

More Access Less Administration - My Profile.PNG

Self-Management of Leave

Our integrated solution gives employees the ability to perform key functions and access data throughout all functional areas of the solution. Employees can view leave entitlements and request leave from their workstations or the convenience of their mobile device.

Self Management of Leave - Request Leave.PNG

Full Control and Involvement

The self-serve entries that can be made ranges from updating of personal information, viewing of organizational policies, viewing of training schedules, participating in performance appraisals and several key items in the payroll such as payslip access, deduction applications.


Also, employees enrolled in Time and Attendance can view their schedules, request time off, and view their attendance and tardiness history, all from any browser enabled devise as well as on their smartphones.

Employee Self Service - Image 3.PNG

Manager Self-Service

HRplus Everywhere enables managers, supervisors or team leaders to view data of employees who report to them. Gain critical insight on individual performance and achievement of job goals or review and grant leave requests.

More Power and Control
for your Management Team

The Manager Self-Serve also allows managers to take control of their department by putting the control of relevant HR functions in their hands. Managers can request staff members, training for staff or even perform job gap analysis directly from the system. Coaching, feedback and performance appraisals can be done directly from the system, eliminating time consuming data transfers.

Manager Self Service- More Power and Control for your Mgmnt Team- Talent.PNG

Department Administrator

HRplus Everywhere allows departments’ administrators to maintain employees, employee documents, view leave charts, enter employee leave requests, enter performance appraisal and goals, perform employee competency analysis and request training for employee, thereby decentralizing the HR process. 

No Terminal? No Problem!

This beneficial feature of our Self-Serve is suitable for environments where a significant number of employees do not work on computers or have access to one. Single source accountability has been proven to lead to faster submission and management of HR related data.

No Terminal No Problem- Department Administrators Employe Profile.PNG
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