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HRplus' powerful payroll module – HRplus Payroll is a powerful multi-company, multi-territory, multi-currency, multi-language, software system which can scale to thousands of employees in any pay group, and is exceptionally quick when processing your payroll.  Currently it supports taxation and other statutory rules in 22 countries and is unbeatable both in terms of functionality and ease of use.  All your payroll functions can be facilitated by HRplus payroll. Support for six more Central American countries will be available by the end of 2021.

HRplus payroll is tightly integrated with HR, drawing inputs from employee transactions (new hires, salary changes, acting, confirmations), leave processing, compensation, benefits, employee relations, the employee and managers self serve, and other modules.  Due to the application’s integration at the database level, data is only captured once and used as many times and in as many places as security considerations allow. This ensures that data is entered once, calculations are accurate, and fewer personnel are required for managing payroll. HRplus also supports complete auditing of all payroll transactions.

HRplus Payroll supports salary grades, variable pay, retroactive calculations, recurring earnings and deductions, loans, imports from excel and csv files for any type of payroll transactions, mass updates, electronic bank files, cheques, delivery of payslips by emails, and a mobile app among many other features.

HRplus Payroll also includes a powerful GL which can facilitate ten account segments which combines to a 52 character account code, multi-segmented cost centers, unlimited levels of overrides, and automated cost distributions. It supports the capture of cost at company, division, department, section, location, job, employee, expense, and project or user defined levels. 

Payroll data is always available online and pay slips and registers can be reprinted from any previous cycle or year allowing for complete digital storage of all payroll and HR/personnel data.

Over 300 reports are available, including multi-dimensional pivot reports.

Taxes, Social Security & Other Statutory Contributions

Our payroll allows for the linking of multiple tax tables where companies operate across different territories. This gives the user the ability to link specific companies in their group to territory relevant tax and social security or national insurance tables. HRplus is a true multi company solution for the supported payroll territories.

Flexible Structure to
Match your Needs

In our payroll, the user has the ability to create unlimited Earnings, Deductions, Allowances and Income types. The user would also have the ability to qualify allowances as taxable or non-taxable and calculate total of same code allowances (e.g. penalties,) when these accrue more than once per employee per week. It also includes processing of fringe allowances and non-cash allowances. It has the ability to handle employer contributions and employee-only contributions.

Security & Usage

The user has the ability to set up any number of pay groups for their company, with the flexibility to schedule the basic types of pay frequency (monthly, bi-monthly, fortnightly, weekly, 4-weekly and quarterly). Each pay group created in HRplus is confidential and levels of access can be configured by the user. The payroll, just as other modules in HRplus, has an audit feature that clearly tracks all changes made in the payroll by user.

Integrations & Productivity

Our solution allows companies to capture all the information on employees in one central location. Store employee photos, identification data, statutory file numbers and much more.

The built-in document management in the solutions not only allows the user to upload and store documents, but create document types so that all documents can be catalogued and easily retrieved or reported on.

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Developing API's for ADP, SAGE and more to come!

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