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The Benefits management function gives your Human Resource and Payroll departments a powerful, flexible set of tools for defining, maintaining, tracking, comparing and reporting on employee benefit packages. Default plans can be defined for assignment to specific groups of employees upon entry into the system. These default plans allow the user to do mass changes and updates with little difficulty.

Track Employees and Beneficiaries

Track all employee benefits including pension plans, group life, and health plans among others, beneficiary details, claims to insurance companies; duration of claim and value of reimbursements, as well as track employer and employee contributions.


HRplus Benefits support automated enrolment or participatory plans based on organisational rules including eligible parameters based on length of service and employee status.

Track Employees and Beneficiaries- Benefit Plan Types.PNG

Integrated and Robust

The Benefits Module is integrated into HRplus Payroll for automated deductions. Robust calculation screens allow for the definition of most complex calculations. Employee Self-Service allows the employees to enroll themselves and dependents unto plans.

Integrated and Robust- Benefits Payroll Link.PNG

Manage Service Provider Data

Easily track health claims to insurance firms, duration of claims and the value of reimbursements. Move away from multiple manual tracking systems to one complete system that stores all information on benefits and health claims in a central, easy to access location.

Manage Service Provider Data- Health Care Providers.PNG
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