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Supports organisations of all sizes and complexity with True Multi-Company, Multi-Territory functionality, Powerful User Definable Workflows, Business Rules and Global ID support, at unbeatable prices. Easily turn on/off features.

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Our powerful integrated HR modules allow for comprehensive employee database management that tracks an employee's entire history with an organization. Easily upload employee information directly into the system and set reminders for the end of probationary periods, contract renewal, certification expiry plus more. The many tools in HRplus help you to efficiently manage your HR processes and see the big picture no matter how many employees there are

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Get your employees on the path to success 


Recruit.Onboard. Manage. Develop. 

Automate. Communicate. Appraise. Elevate. Schedule. Compensate.  

Integrated HR Software

High Impact Integrations drive

Productivity and Savings

Our flexible user-defined workflows and policy rules result in complete automation of leave management for all leave transactions including Self Service. Leave is directly integrated with the Time and Attendance module and the Payroll. These three modules working in tandem reduce administrative processing time significantly. Automate overtime, manage multiple companies and linking timesheets seamlessly to the payroll are just some of the ways you will receive instant cost savings and a boost in your productivity.

dynamic solutions for today's

business needs

HRplus Software is a fully web-enabled enterprise grade solution. HRplus offers traditional On-Premise deployment and the more flexible Cloud-based deployment. Both options provide users with a fully functional solution that can be accessed over the web or company WAN through virtually all web browsers. HRplus also has a fully functional mobile client for truly taking management of resources and time 100% mobile.

HR Software for All Platfoms
HR Reports and Dashboards




HRplus Software far exceeds its closest competitors with its wide array of built in reports. Each module in HRplus has an extensive list of reports that are always at the finger tips of decision makers. Pivot tables linked directly to the database for do-it-yourself customized reports. Most HR packages on the market allow users to export data to Excel Spreadsheets while HRplus Software goes beyond this to allow user to build user definable dashboards and reports, which can be saved and reused, shared and exported, and can create graphs and charts.


step 1

Book a demo and ascertain your specific needs as we provide you with the best solutions tailored to your business needs.

step 2

Head on over to the project kick-off and consultancy phase, where we build and develop a project plan inclusive of timelines and deliverables.

step 3

Now that you're on the right track, we then provide you with the necessary training to begin implementation.

step 4

Congratulations! Now you're a pro. You have officially gone live with HRplus Software.

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