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This module captures your organization's strategic goals using the balanced scorecard approach. The strategic goals are then filtered down through all organizational levels, right down to individual employees.




The Goals system, through its hierarchical structure, allows a manager to drill down to the underlying dependencies and personnel that impact or have impacted on the results achieved for a highlighted objective. Within the module itself you can define each goal including, budgeted cost vs actual cost to achieve the goal, tasks with deadlines and associated budget, and competencies required. Performance achievements on goals can then be brought into the official appraisal process.



Goal Targets can be set up for each quarter. The KPI used to achieve the goal along with a plan outline can also be defined. Standards can be set for each goal which define what qualifies as excellence and poor performance.  This links to points to be earned by the employees responsible for the goal. Progress reports can be submitted from each manager on an employee with attached evidential based reporting to confirm results logged.

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