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Doctor's Visit


Your employees continue to be your organisation’s most valuable asset. This group of modules allow you to effectively track the issues that affect your employees ability to perform their duties. Look at patterns and designs programmes that can aid employees to better cope with the rigours of the modern world. You can now store the results of random drug tests directly into the system.

Make Employee Welfare
a Priority

This module allows you to record and maintain basic employee medical information, problem types and groupings (family/work-related problems), referral types (voluntary, supervisory, union representative) and a list of professionals/consultants/facilities.

Make Employee Welfar a Priority- Employee Assistance.PNG

Plan Treatment Options
and Track Costs

Identify courses of treatment and referrals, including first contact date, along with a description of treatment. Analyse the implications of treatment in terms of leave of absence, number of hours lost and the cost of treatment along with the associated claims.

Plan Treatment Options and Track Costs- Wellness Transactions.PNG
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