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The HRplus Leave module is highly automated and is driven by your leave policy rules which can be configured from the interface. These parameters include employee status, pay group, bargaining unit, salary grade, staff type and job, together with length of service and roll over parameters. It automatically updates every night so that leave balances are always accurate and are automatically adjusted when leave is taken and reflected from the Time and Attendance module or when manually entered and posted.

Your Business Rules
Drive Automation

The rules of your organisation will drive the way in which leave is earned. Our Dynamic Leave module allows the users to create rules based on the multiple methods, including but not limited to years of service, salary range or job.


HRplus' natural multi-company environments mean that you are able to create rules within your database and link it to different companies within your group.

Your Business Rules Drive Automation -Vacation-Cummulative Leave Rules.PNG

The Power of Integration

Since HRplus is one integrated solution, users can link rules to the payroll. This increases efficiencies as single entry items now trigger predefined sequential actions in the payroll.


This is particularly useful where there are abuses of leave types; leading to automatic deduction in the payroll or the triggering of different payment schedules for tiered payouts such as Maternity Pay.

The Power of Integration-  Leave-Payroll Links.PNG

Increase Efficiencies

Too often, HR staff are bogged down dealing with questions around employee leave. Putting the information into the hands of the employee,  via self-service or their mobile phones gives the employee control of their own information, and frees up HR’s time to focus on other significant matters.


The powerful workflow within HRplus ensures that you can configure it to travel anywhere within the organisation for approvals; even across companies or countries within your group.

Increase Efficiencies - Cummulative Leave.PNG
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