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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I am on SAAS can I download a copy of my database?
    Yes you can download a copy of your database nightly. Send in a helpdesk request and we will set it up for you in a couple of hours.
  • How long does it take for me to start processing payroll?
    There are three processes that must first be in place before your payroll can be run, each company has a different timeframe depending on employee numbers etc. Setup the company and employees into pay groups. Setup your payroll (earnings, allowances, deductions, payees, benefit rules, and your pay cycles.) Enter or upload your payroll transactions for the cycle. With these steps in place, the system will process your data in seconds.
  • Can I link my time clocks to the system via the internet?
    Yes, time clocks can be linked to the application on the internet, but you must have a fixed IP address for each of the time clocks. The system also allows for the synchronizing of time clocks and adjusting to different time zones.
  • Which is cheaper SAAS or on Premise?
    SAAS is cheaper as it is typically 1/3 of the initial cost of the on premise version of the software per year and you pay no maintenance. Additionally, we are responsible for the server costs, daily backups and maintenance of the software, and you do not need to deploy IT resources to manage the software for you.
  • Is Payroll Business Outsourcing and SAAS the same?
    No, they are not the same. Under SAAS, we provide the software over the internet and you are responsible for managing your processes as per usual. With Payroll PBO, we provide you with a client portal where you provide the input for the Payroll processing which we do for you. We input the data, run the payroll, print reports, prepare pay slips, deposit money to the bank (if required), generate reports for you the customer and so on. At year end, we prepare the TDs and other documents for employees. Under SAAS you do all these things yourself.
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