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Working with Laptop


HRplus Software has incorporated several key features to the solution that are sure to enhance the way you run your business. These features include our mobile client, built-in Intranet, and user defined Dashboards, Pivots, Spreadsheets and Workflows. We are of the firm belief that any business application must always add value and enhance efficiencies and these tools impact your business in a very positive way, providing a platform for user defined communication, advanced reporting and approval processes which result in greater efficiencies and better decision making.


Access Data from
the Palm of your Hand

Our fully flexible client brings all the core functionality of HRplus straight into your mobile device. Employees, Managers and Operators can quickly and easily access their data straight from their mobile device.


Among the key features of the mobile client are:

  • Leave Requests and Approvals

  • Company Intranet

  • Benefits Enrollment

  • Performance Reviews

  • View Payslips

  • Request Assets

  • Change Profile Information

  • Monitor Attendance Schedules

  • Enroll in Training 

and much more

See what you need to

Our fully customisable dashboards allow the user to configure them to meet user needs. See the information most relevant to your specific area on log-in. Users are able to quickly identify potential issues and take corrective action. Dashboards are highly valuable as it reduces the need to run reports which often occurs at the end of a given period and can be too late for corrective action.

Create it Your Way

HRplus BI and Adhoc Report writer allow end users to quickly and easily design, build and deploy reports. Pivot Reports allow you complete control over data querying, filtering, field expressions, report printing and report export to excel with its innovative web-reporting platform. More experienced users can design very complex queries, data grids, pivot tables and reports with drill-down, reports with groupings, formulas, expressions, complex filters and end-user input parameters.

HRplus Pivot Reports allow you to extract any data from the database via a point and click, drag and drop-based interface!


HRplus is workflow-based. A workflow is an approval process within an organisation. The HRplus workflow engine is quite sophisticated and is used to route approvals in various modules. The workflow engine uses the reporting relationships in HRplus or can be user-defined by creating new roles and levels of approvals. It also supports alternates and escalations, and provides complete auditing. Notifications are sent to the approver's inbox and external email. Workflow can span across companies and even countries.

Social Makes for Better Business

HR has an ever increasing need to collaborate with the workforce; from potential hires to seasoned staff. As the workplace continues to expand beyond the confines of physical structure it is extremely important to communicate fluidly with all staff on matters of policy, drive productivity and improve corporate culture. Our built-in intranet will allow you to share important documents across the organisation, connect with remote employees, reduce onboarding costs, incorporate learning and connectivity, share knowledge and insight, and virtually limitless possibilities that are all driven with the employee user as the base.

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