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General Features

HRplus Everywhere is a fully integrated Human Resource, Payroll and Time & Attendance solution. HRplus Everywhere is modular in design with over twenty modules allowing companies to select modules as and when required, and supports workflow, self-service (also available on mobile devices), multi-company, multi-language and multi-currency. Each module is stand-alone and can be implemented as such.  However, full integration is achieved when more modules are deployed at your organization. HRplus Everywhere brings unprecedented levels of accuracy and reporting to all your HR functions!

System Features
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HRplus Software supports Multi-Company environments. (Multi-Currency refers to compensation of employees in more than one currency.) It is also Multi-Territory. Thus, it is able to do regulatory reporting and processing for multiple countries from one system. It also supports all popular web browsers. Wizards and templates help you to import your entire company set-up. There are powerful search tools with filters, and all modules integrate, so data entry is only required once. We also have an in-system document storage. You can export data and reports to Excel, Word or PDF.


Comprehensive security allows your company to restrict access to specific modules or areas within modules, specific company levels and specific reports. Access is controlled by user name and password, and also supports two factor authentication. The application has complete user activity and audit logs, which allows for complete transparency. You can create user groups where many users are needed for mass control of access by groups and much more!

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Set event reminders that sends notifications about upcoming events in the system and to your external email. There is an online directory of all employees with employee photos. There is also a built in intranet which supports company news, events and documents. Pivot reporting is available in all modules, as well as there is an in-system inbox for messages.

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