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At HRplus Software, our team is continuously doing research and development to meet the ever changing needs of the market. We were early movers into the web-based application arena and continue to strive ahead of our competitors by ensuring that new functionality and trends are integrated into our application. While we believe that our software is extremely powerful and flexible, the true value of our product lies in its ability to convert our clients time and efforts into more significant and strategic functions.


HRplus Everywhere's powerful payroll module – HRplus Payroll – can be installed in-house as a standalone module or used online as software as a service.  In either instance, this payroll is unbeatable both in terms of functionality and ease of use.  All your payroll functions can be facilitated by HRplus payroll. 


HRplus TIME integrates seamlessly with the payroll and leave module to bring about unparalleled productivity and efficiency. Flexible schedules and automated payment rules enables you to automate all aspects of paid time.


HRplus software has incorporated several key features to the solution that are sure to enhance the way you run your business. These features include our mobile client, Built-in Intranet, Dashboards, Pivots and Workflow. We are of the firm belief that any business application must always add value and enhance efficiencies and these tools impact your business in a very positive way.

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