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The Personnel module is the base module of HRplus Everywhere and is the foundation of the human resource system. 

It allows you to define your organisational entities and hierarchy as you build out your company structure. The personnel module allows you to seamlessly and accurately track all HR transactions in your workplace.

HRplus is built on the principle of an organisation's hierarchical position-based system, and that employees are moving into, around and out of this system.

Design Corporate Structure

HRplus Software is a true Multi-Company environment that allows for company transfers of employees, consolidated reporting and much more. 

It allows for the building of reporting relationships directly into the system. You can view the structure as an Org Chart where you can also drag and drop positions directly on the chart to change relationships. 

Build in the countries and locations in which you operate with ease. HRplus Multi-Territory environment allows you to manage your workforce across countries while maintaining general company policy and territory specific policies.

Organizational Chart.PNG

Comprehensive Employee Data Management

Our solution allows companies to capture all the information on employees in one central location. Store employee photos, identification data, statutory file numbers and much more.

The built-in document management in the solutions not only allows the user to upload and store documents, but create document types so that all documents can be catalogued and easily retrieved or reported on.

Employee Profile.PNG

Management can easily track all employee data from anywhere in the world in one secure location. Our dynamic reporting functionality allows you to organise your data into customisable dashboards, pre-defined reports and letter templates. You can also build hundreds of reports yourself using pivot tables linked directly to the database.

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