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Grow Your Business

The HRplus Reseller Program offers you a wealth of opportunities to grow your own business.


HRplus is a leading provider of web-based HR, Payroll, and Time and Attendance platform for businesses of any size. With hundreds of thousands of employees managed through HRplus in over 20 different countries, HRplus helps companies with personnel management, recruitment and applicant tracking, leave tracking, salary history, performance management, training and development, succession planning, payroll, time and attendance, and more. With its multi-tab interface and user defined workflow, HRplus allows you to process your HR and

  • Drive recurring revenue. Enjoy industry-leading margins with recurring monthly revenue, while partnering with an integrated HR, Payroll and Time and Attendance platform for companies of any size that manages the entire employee life cycle. Leverage HRplus capabilities to uncover new opportunities with current customers, or win business with new companies to boost your bottom line.

  • HRplus customers range from Fortune 500 companies in banking, manufacturing and services who operate across multiple territories, to Brand Name Hotels, Exclusive Hotels, many Government and State Enterprises including Central Banks and Utilities, Large Manufacturers, International Energy Companies, Large Brand Name Retail Stores in Fast Food, Conglomerates, as well as medium and small businesses in every sector.

  • Expand service offerings. HRplus platforms enable you to offer additional and enhanced services as your customers grow, including Personnel, Benefits, Recruiting, Recognition, Employee Management, Talent Management, Payroll, Time and Attendance, etc. The opportunity doesn’t stop with the initial sale, but continues throughout the life of your customer.

  • Align with an HRIS leader. Leverage your Human Resource, Payroll or Time and Attendance expertise and experience with a tried and trusted platform that delivers the most affordable, highest value HRIS software on the market.

  • Ramp up quickly with individual training. Your staff will quickly become HRplus experts, thanks to personalized training that allows them to quickly implement the system for your clients, develop customized workflows, create recruiting and interview processes, and deploy employee directories and calendars that meet the individual needs of your customers. Your clients will never outgrow the HRplus platform, it's that powerful!

Payroll and Time and Attendance functions more efficiently than the competition.


HRplus is looking to build strong, collaborative relationships with high-calibre HR and/or Payroll consultants and service providers who are committed to delivering powerful and efficient solutions and services for their clients. As a HRplus Reseller, you will increase your chances of winning new business, while expanding your opportunities with existing clients. As a HRplus Reseller, you can:

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